2019 Permanent Bookings Availability for School Term Time (These are all available now)

Available TImes (available both weekly and f/nightly unless indicated otherwise. All available from Sun Nov 4th 2018)​

* Accepting "2019" bookings now - By this I mean they are available after the Year 12 English Exam coming soon on Wed Oct 31st

* Please Request a Day and an approximate time that suits you - that you would want to be available. It or a time near it should be available once current 2018 Year 12 students no longer need my help.

* Available every day of the week - Mon->Sun - with some restrictions on timeslots.


* Sat 11.50am, 2.40pm, 3.50pm & 5pm  (only available reliably in Term 2 & Term 3 but casual times each week will be placed on my website. This is because of school cricket coaching commitments in Term 1)


* There's always a possibility that other permanent regular times may appear. However, I am not aware of them before they occur (ie it's difficult to anticipate when they may arise.) Therefore, please periodically check my website to see whether any new times are listed.

Casual times will be listed as well when I become aware of them.

** Cancellation Policy **

If you cancel for any reason or forget to visit inside of 24 hours' notice, you will need to pay for the missed session before any other tutoring is possible from me. There are now no exceptions to this policy. This policy includes late notifications of sickness. 

Thank you for your understanding of the need for this policy.


 Permanent Times Known In Term Time At The Moment Are: * No Permanent Times Known. Sorry. Check Back Later. Times will be given to people as they ask for them and, of course, shifts occur pretty regularly as people juggle all their commitments. The other option is from casual times listed on the previous page. =========